October 6, 2012

Life is like a box of chocolate... or sometimes sushi...

I just had to say the standard I-was-gone-and-I-am-back phrase: Can't believe I had abandon the blog for months!

Lots had happened since I last blogged about my balsam (which are all dead now -- but they have re-seeded before their tragic death, which means I have a new batch now -- but they too are on the verge of dying.. *rolls eyes*...).

The biggest thing that has happened was my trip to Tokyo, Japan.  I've been there 2 weeks and back.

Life is really like a box of chocolate -- you really never know what you're gonna get.  It was like one minute I was saying nonchalantly to my colleagues, "Hey, we have customers in Japan.  Maybe we'll get to travel there..." and BANG! I was on a flight to Tokyo, wondering what the heck I was doing going there, alone and feeling unarmed...

Actually this felt like déjà vu .  Just like the time when I was applying for entrance into the university.  I remembered being the one who said nonchalantly (again), "Hey, there's a university at a far far away land.  I think we won't be sent there..." and BANG! I was on a flight to the far far away land -- much similar to what happened now except that one I was partially hoping that it would come true.  The other, I was hoping that it never came true.  But then again, I guess sometimes things happen for a good reason.  I must say lots of good things have came out of it.

Anyway, back to my Japan trip.  It was one heck of a hectic working trip.  Not much to say except work, work and work.  It was one eye-opening experience...

The part that I loved most was of course the food.  Dinner time is my favourite because it's the only time of the day which belongs entirely to myself -- my precious pressure-free-me-time.

I missed some of the food so much.  I'd plan for trip to Japan anytime (if I had the money to spare of course!) just to be able to return and enjoy the food there (vacation only though, no work please!).

My favourite breakfast combination: Kyoto Matcha Latte (love, love, love it!) and  bento

Yummy warm and hearty ramen: Made having dinner alone more bearable...

One of the few times I tried non-Japanese food while I was in Tokyo.  The yogurt was very pleasing to the eyes but much too sour to my liking.  The muffin was super tasty though!

Yummylicious ramen: My first weekend lunch with a company :)

Mochi stick: I just had to try it because QianNing used to have an eraser like this.   Also tried the famous Beard Papa's cream puff at the Shinjuku Station.

To-die-for-oh-my-god-uber-delicious pork belly with flavourful sesame sauce at Yoshinoya (I wonder if it's the same shop we have here in Malaysia -- I really need to go find out if they sell it here).

So good that I went back for it again... and again... and again...

I was spoiled for choice of rice balls... yumm...

The best dessert I had there, after the best dinner over the 2 weeks I was there... because M was there.  Glad to have  a friend and knowing that I was finally passing the baton on (to him :P).

The best things out of the trip: Yummy sushi that I will never ever forget.  I tried real fatty melt-in-your-mouth tuna, sea urchin and snow crab sushi for the first time!  Getting to know chirashi sushi and loving it immediately!  And all the super fresh ingredients from the fish to the roe and even the rice tasted better!  Doesn't matter that most restaurant waitresses or owners did not speak English, I had enjoyed each and every dining experience.  It was a mix between wanting to swallow everything in front of me all at once, but resisted fearing that they will be gone too soon... just heavenly! :)